ATWAP: ‘Inheriting Plato: Then and Now’

The next Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy will take place on March 18-19, 2022.

Workshop on Apuleius’ De Mundo

On 9-11 December, 2021, CSAMP will host a workshop devoted to Apuleius’ De Mundo, organised by George Boys-Stones. The workshop will be open to all. For further details, including information on how to register, please consult the event’s continuously updated website:


Talk: Paolo Fait (New College, Oxford) – Title TBA

Philosophy Department Colloquium: Sean Kelsey – Title TBA

WiP Talk: Taylor Barinka – Title TBA

Talk: Michael Griffin (University of British Columbia) – “Plato’s Glaucon: The priority of internal justice in the Republic”?

On Monday, 25 October, 4-6 pm, Michael Griffin (University of British Columbia) will give his talk on “Plato’s Glaucon: The priority of internal justice in the Republic”? (on Zoom).

WiP Talk: Peter Osorio – “Trust and Persuasion: Testimony in [Plato] Demodocus”

Peter Osorio gives his work-in-progress talk, “Trust and Persuasion: Testimony in [Plato] Demodocus”, on 20 September, 2021, 4-6 pm. Venue: back patio of the Duke of York.

Mark Gatten’s talk: “The Art of Wage-Earning in Plato’s Republic”

Mark Gatten gives his work-in-progress talk, “The Art of Wage-Earning in Plato’s Republic“, to the CPAMP pro-seminar on April 5, 4-6 pm.


CPAMP congratulates recent graduate, Roberto Granieri!

On March 1, 2021, Roberto Granieri successfully defended his dissertation Being as a Kind in Plato’s Sophist, written under the supervision of Professor Lloyd Gerson. Congratulations, Roberto!



Kamil Majcherek’s talk: ‘Medieval Nominalism about Artifacts’

Kamil Majcherek gives his work-in-progress talk, ‘Medieval Nominalism about Artifacts’, on March 8, 4-6 pm, to the CPAMP pro-seminar.