Workshop on Apuleius’ De Mundo

On 9-11 December, 2021, CSAMP will host a workshop devoted to Apuleius’ De Mundo, organised by George Boys-Stones. The workshop will be open to all. For further details, including information on how to register, please consult the event’s continuously updated website:


Mark Gatten’s talk: “The Art of Wage-Earning in Plato’s Republic”

Mark Gatten gives his work-in-progress talk, “The Art of Wage-Earning in Plato’s Republic“, to the CPAMP pro-seminar on April 5, 4-6 pm.


CPAMP congratulates recent graduate, Roberto Granieri!

On March 1, 2021, Roberto Granieri successfully defended his dissertation Being as a Kind in Plato’s Sophist, written under the supervision of Professor Lloyd Gerson. Congratulations, Roberto!



Kamil Majcherek’s talk: ‘Medieval Nominalism about Artifacts’

Kamil Majcherek gives his work-in-progress talk, ‘Medieval Nominalism about Artifacts’, on March 8, 4-6 pm, to the CPAMP pro-seminar.

Máté Veres’ talk: ‘Pyrrhonism, Expertise, and the Good Life’

Máté Veres gives his work-in-progress talk, ‘Pyrrhonism, Expertise, and the Good Life’, on February 22, 4-6 pm, in the CPAMP pro-seminar.

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Iles-Johnston seminar

As part of the 2020-21 UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series, Sarah Iles-Johnston (Ohio State University) will give a seminar on ‘Theory of Mind and Ancient Greek Religious Experience’, 1-4 pm on Friday, February 5, 2021. For all inquiries, please contact Martin Revermann (

Further details about the seminar series:

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ATWAP: ‘Inheriting Plato: Then and Now’

The Collaborative Specialization in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy  is pleased to announce that we plan to resume holding events in our series, the Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, this October with the workshop “Inheriting Plato: Then and Now”.

Victor Caston’s talk: “Aristotle and the Cartesian Theater”

Join us for our first CPAMP work-in-progress talk of the semester as Victor Caston (Michigan) gives his talk, “Aristotle and the Cartesian Theatre,” on January 11, 4-6 pm.

WIP Talk: Irene Binini

Please join us as Irene Binini (Scuola Normale Superiore) gives a work-in-progress talk to the CPAMP seminar. Title: “Medieval Strategies on Logical Determinism and the Contingency of the Future.”


WIP Talk: Roberto Granieri

Please join us as one of our favourite graduate students, Roberto Granieri, gives his work-in-progress talk in the CPAMP seminar. Title: “Being, Causality, and Existence in Plato’s Sophist“.