The University of Toronto has a wealth of faculty and advisory resources available to those working in the fields of ancient and medieval philosophy. In addition, many other faculty work in related fields. Graduate faculty members of the Specialization include the following (links are to individual web pages):

James Allen (Philosophy)
ancient philosophy



Rachel Barney (Philosophy/Classics)
ancient philosophy



Deborah Black (Philosophy/Medieval Studies)
Arabic/Islamic philosophy, 13th-century Latin philosophy
Tel: 1.416.978.3314 (deborah.black@utoronto.ca)



George Boys-Stones (Classics/Philosophy)
ancient philosophy



Jessica Gelber (Philosophy)
ancient philosophy



Lloyd Gerson (Philosophy)
ancient philosophy
Tel: 1.416.946.3171 (lloyd.gerson@utoronto.ca)



Peter King (Philosophy/Medieval Studies)
medieval philosophy
Tel: 1.416.978.4951 (peter.king@utoronto.ca)



John Magee (Medieval Studies/Classics)
late ancient and early medieval philosophy
Tel: 1.416.946.7264 (john.magee@utoronto.ca)



Christian Pfeiffer (Philosophy)
ancient philosophy



Martin Pickavé (Philosophy/Medieval Studies)
medieval philosophy
Tel: 1.416.978.2926 (martin.pickave@utoronto.ca)



Marleen Rozemond (Philosophy)
medieval and early modern philosophy
Tel: 1.905.828.5349 (marleen.rozemond@utoronto.ca)