ATWAP 2019

by Willie Costello .

The 11th Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

“Aristotle’s Hylomorphism”

ATWAP 2019: Aristotle's Hylomorphism

Friday, March 22 & Saturday March 23, 2019




Friday, March 22


2:00–2:30  Welcome

2:30–4:00  Mary Louise Gill, “Food and Self-Maintenance in Aristotle’s De Anima II.4″
Comments: Doug Campbell / Chair: David Sedley (Cambridge)

4:30–6:00  Katy Meadows, “Aristotle’s Priorities in the Metaphysics
Comments: Susan Sauvé Meyer / Chair: Mark Johnstone (McMaster)


Saturday, March 23


10:00–11:30  David Charles, “Enmattered Forms and Efficient Causation”
Comments: Bryan Reece / Chair: Sean Kelsey (Notre Dame)

12:00–1:30  Emily Katz, “Hylomorphism in Mathematical Objects”
Comments: Phil Corkum / Chair: Rachel MacKinnon (Toronto)

3:00–4:30  Marko Malink, “Antisthenes on Definition: Metaphysics H 3″
Comments: Anne Siebels Peterson / Chair: Christopher Noble (Syracuse)

5:00–6:30  Mary Krizan, “The structure of Aristotle’s material elements”
Comments: Jacob Rosen / Chair: Devin Henry (Western)


Conference organizers: Jessica Gelber & Christian Pfeiffer.

ATWAP 2018

by Willie Costello .

Tenth Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

“New Work on the Presocratics”

Friday March 30-Saturday March 31, 2018




10:00-12:00: André Laks (Universidad Panamericana) and Glenn Most (Chicago/Pisa): “Editing the Early Greek Philosophers: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”


Lunch break


2:00-3:45: Tom Mackenzie (University College London): “Empedoclean Problems of the Self and the Function of the Daimonology”

Comments: Victoria Wohl (Toronto)


Coffee and timbits


4:00-5:45: Claire Louguet (Université de Lille III): “Tragedy and Philosophy: The Prometheus Bound and Parmenides”

Comments: Matthew Watton (Toronto)


Conference dinner




9:30-11:15 Mirjam Kotwick (The New School): “Allegoresis and Analogy in the Derveni Papyrus and the Hippocratic Text On Dreams (Vict. 4)”

Comments: Marion Durand (Toronto)


Coffee break


11:30-1:15 André Laks (Universidad Panamericana): “How Preplatonic Worlds Became Ensouled”

Comments: Brad Inwood (Yale)


Lunch break


2:15-4:00 Patricia Curd (Purdue University): “What Can Parmenides Know?”

Comments: Boris Hennig (Ryerson)


Coffee break


4:15-6:00 David Sider (NYU): “Repetitions in Empedocles”

Comments: Stephen Menn (McGill)


Conference dinner


Participation in the conference is free, but preregistration is required: contact Rachel Barney at or Roberto Granieri


ATWAP 2017

by Rachel Barney .

Here is a preliminary schedule, soon to be updated with times and places, for the Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, 2017. All are welcome; if you are coming from outside the University of Toronto, please ‘register’ (no fee except for dinner) with James Allen (jv.allen@utoronto).

Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy 2017


Friday March 3 – Saturday March 4

University of Toronto



Tim O’Keefe:  ‘The Normativity of Nature in Epicurean Ethics’, with comments by Charles Brittain

Brad Inwood: ‘The Pitfalls of Perfection: Stoicism for Non-Sages’, with comments by Julia Annas

Rachana Kamtekar: ‘Epicurus’ Refutation of Determinism’, with comments by Marion Durand

Susan Sauvé Meyer:  ‘Passions & Other Actions in Stoicism’ with comments by Tad Brennan


John Wynne: ‘Stoic Beauty’, with comments by Margaret Graver


Jacob Klein: ‘On the Guise of the Good (and the Bad) in Stoicism’, with comments by James Allen


Sponsored by the Collaborative Programme in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (CPAMP). For more information contact James Allen (


ATWAP 2016

by Rachel Barney .

Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy
March 11-12, 2016


Friday, March 11
2.30 – 2.45 Introductions
2.45-4.15 Frank Gonzalez (Ottawa): “Plato’s Perspectivism”
Interlocutor: Marina McCoy (Boston College). Chair: Tom Robinson (Toronto)
4.15-4.30 Break
4.30-6.00 Constance Meinwald (U. Illinois at Chicago): “What Do We Think We’re Doing?”
Interlocutor: Allan Silverman (Ohio State). Chair: Brooks Sommerville (Colgate)

Saturday, March 12
9.00-10.30 Kenneth Sayre (Notre Dame): “Dialectic in Plato’s Later Dialogues”
Interlocutor: Mark Johnstone (McMaster). Chair: Lloyd Gerson (Toronto)
10.30-10.45 Break
10.45-12.15 Melissa Lane (Princeton): “Antiarchia: Interpreting Plato’s Political Thought”
Interlocutor: David Ebrey (Northwestern). Chair: Martin Pickavé (Toronto)
12.15-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 Michael Erler (Würzburg): “Elenctic Aporia and Performative Euporia: Literary Form and Philosophical Message” Interlocutor: Rachel Singpurwalla (Maryland). Chair: Rachel Barney (Toronto)
3.30-3.45 Break
3.45-5.15 François Renaud (Université de Moncton): “Drama and Argument in Plato” Interlocutor: Debra Nails (Michigan State). Chair: James Allen (Toronto)
5.15-6.00 Concluding Survey and General Discussion led by Tom Robinson (Toronto).

ATWAP 2015

by Rachel Barney .


Seventh Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy 

March 7-8, 2015
Jackman Humanities Building 418

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ATWAP 2014

by Rachel Barney .



Sixth Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy 

March 21-22, 2014
Jackman Humanities Building 418

3:30 – 5:15      “First chop your Logos”
M. M. McCabe (Kings College, London)
Commentator:  Dan Ioppolo  (Toronto)

Coffee break

5:45 – 7:30      “Aristophanic Tragedy in Plato’s Symposium”
Suzanne Obrdzalek (Claremont McKenna)
Commentator: Franco Trivigno (Marquette)


9:00 – 9:50      “From the Symposium to the Laws: Why Eros matters for Plato”
Frisbee Sheffield (Cambridge)

9:55 – 10:45    “Plato on Erôs and Conversion”
Jacob Stump (Toronto)

Coffee break

11:10 – 12:30  Comments on Sheffield and Stump
Tom Tuozzo (University of Kansas)

Lunch (on site)

1:40 – 3:25      “To Know You is to Love You? Plato, Forms, and Moral Motivation”
Iakovos Vasiliou (CUNY Graduate Centre)
Commentator:  Rachana Kamtekar (Arizona)

Coffee break

3:45 – 5:30      “Epicurean Motivation”
Larkin Philpot (Toronto)
Commentator: Phillip Mitsis (NYU)

Coffee break

5:50 – 7:35      “Locke on Pleasure and Law as Motives”
                         Phillip Mitsis (NYU)
Commentator: Jacob Klein (Colgate)


Registration is mandatory! Please contact Dan Ioppolo.

ATWAP 2013

by Rachel Barney .

Fifth Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy 2013

Friday March 15

3:15 – 5:00
Robbie Howton (University of Toronto): “Aristotle on the Epistemic Role of Perception”
Commentator: Thomas Tuozzo (University of Kansas)

5:30 – 7:15
Marc Gasser (Harvard University): “On Induction in Posterior Analytics II.19″
Commentator: Ben Morison (Princeton University)

Saturday March 16

9:15 – 11:00
Catherine Rowett (University of East Anglia): “Doxa in Theaetetus 184A-187”
Commentator: Willie Costello (University of Toronto)

11:15 – 1:00
Ian McCready-Flora (Columbia University): “Aristotle on Pistis”
Commentator: Rachel Parsons (Princeton University)

1:00 – 3:00 lunch for participants

3:00 – 4:45
Clifford Roberts (Cornell University): “Sextus on Skeptical Phantasia”
Commentator: Sara Magrin (Université du Québec à Montréal)

5:15 – 7:00
G. Fay Edwards (Washington University, St. Louis): “The Puzzle of Porphyry’s Rational Animals”
Commentator: Gisela Striker (Harvard University)

Sunday March 17

10:00 – 11:45
Marta Jimenez (Emory University): “Two Kinds of Practical Empiricism in Aristotle’s Ethics”
Commentator: Jacob Stump (University of Toronto)

1:15 – 3:00
Karel Thein (Charles University, Prague): “Aristotle on Intellect and the Experience of Thinking”
Commentator: David Bronstein (Georgetown University)

All sessions take place in room 418 of the Jackman Humanities Building (Department of Philosophy).
Since the space is limited, registration is required: Please email to Jennifer Whiting.