Congratulations to Brooks Sommerville

by Rachel Barney .

Congratulations to Brooks Sommerville. Last week he successfully defended his thesis “Plato, The Hedonist?”. The thesis examines Plato’s view on pleasure from the Protagoras to the Philebus. Brooks, who is currently teaching at Colgate University, was supervised by Rachel Barney. Well done, Dr. Sommerville!

New issue of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy

by Rachel Barney .

We are happy to announce the publication of a new issue of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy (OSAP)! Contributors to vol. 43 comprise Jessica Moss, Josh Wilburn, Miira Tuominen and Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila, Charlotte Witt, Mor Segev, Mark A. Johnstone, Dorothea Frede, Francesco Ademollo, Nathan Powers, and Mauro Bonazzi. OSAP is edited by Brad Inwood.

Deborah Black on Youtube

by Rachel Barney .

Deborah Black’s lecture “Angelic Intentions: Avicenna on Knowing Separate Substances” is available here on youtube! The lecture was part of a lecture series titled ” Philosophy in the Islamic Lands”, organized by the School of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

UTCMP 2013

by Rachel Barney .

The University of Toronto Colloquium in Mediaeval Philosophy 2013

Friday, September 20

Session I (4:30 – 6:30)
Chair:  Stephen Dumont (University of Notre Dame)
Speaker:  Jon McGinnis (University of Missouri, St. Louis): “A Small Discovery: Avicenna’s Theory of Minima Naturalia
Commentator:  Alnoor Dhanani (Harvard University)

Saturday, September 21

Session II (10:00 – 12:00)
Chair:  Peter Eardley (University of Guelph)
Speaker:  Christopher Martin (University of Auckland): “Abelard on Modality and its Logics”
Commentator:  Kevin Guilfoy (Carroll University)

Session III (2:00 – 4:00)
Chair:  Ian Drummond (University of Toronto)
Joseph Stenberg (University of Colorado, Boulder): “Happiness in Aquinas: an Analysis of its Core”
Stephen Ogden (Yale University): “Averroes’s Argument from Universals for a Separate Material Intellect”
Simona Vucu (University of Toronto): “Henry of Ghent on Causal Powers”

Session IV (4:15 – 6:15)
Chair:  Henrik Lagerlund (Western University)
Speaker:  Gloria Frost (University of St. Thomas, St. Paul): “Three Medieval Models of Primary and Secondary Causation: Aquinas, Scotus, and Auriol”
Commentator:  Kara Richardson (Syracuse University)

All sessions will be held in Room 100 of the Jackman Humanities Building (170 St. George Street).

All sessions are free and open to the public.

Registration and inquiries: medieval_dot_philosophy_at_utoronto_dot_ca

The colloquium is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy, the Collaborative Program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, and the Centre for Medieval Studies, the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, and the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

Organizers: Deborah Black, Peter King, Martin Pickavé

Deborah Black on “History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps” Podcast

by Rachel Barney .

Check out the episode 131, on “al-Farabi”, on the “History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps” podcast run by Peter Adamson (LMU München/King’s College London). The episode features an interview with our very own Deborah Black on al-Farabi’s innovations concerning knowledge and certainty!!

Among the older episodes there is also an interview on the Greek Church Fathers with last year’s CPAMP visitor George Boys-Stones.

James Allen joining UofT Philosophy and CPAMP

by Rachel Barney .

We are very happy to announce that James Allen will join the faculty of the Department of Philosophy and CPAMP in July 2014. James Allen (PhD Princeton) moves to Toronto from Pittsburgh where he is a professor of philosophy and a fellow of the Center for Philosophy of Science. He has held a visiting appointment at Yale, been a visiting fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge, and a Stipendiat of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung at the Universität Hamburg. His principal interests are in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. He is the author of articles about ancient conceptions of expertise, ancient skepticism, ancient medicine, Aristotelian logic, Epicureanism, Stoicism, and Cicero and Inference from Signs: Ancient Debates about the Nature of Evidence (Oxford, 2001). Welcome to Toronto, James!!

New issue of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy

by Rachel Barney .

We are happy to announce the publication of a new issue of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy (OSAP)! Contributors to vol. 45 comprise Naly Thaler, Matthew Duncombe, Joshua Wilburn, Susanne Bobzien, Ben Morison, Mary Krizan, Devin Henry, John M. Cooper, Casey Perin, and Marko Malink. OSAP is edited by Brad Inwood.

Spinoza-Leibniz Workshop

by Rachel Barney .

Friday, March 22nd

Spinoza – Leibniz Workshop

University of Toronto March 22-23, 2013

Jackman Humanities Building, Room 418 (170 St. George St.)


Karolina Hübner (Toronto): Opening remarks

2:15 – 3:45pm
Session I
Olli Koistinen (Turku): The infinite idea of God.

Commentator: Stephen Zylstra (Toronto)

4:15 – 5:45pm
Session II
Jeff McDonough (Harvard): Leibniz, Spinoza and an alleged dilemma for rationalists.

Commentator: Brian Embry (Toronto)

Saturday, March 23rd

Croft Chapel House, University College (15 King’s College Drive)

Session III
Charles Jarrett (Rutgers): Spinoza’s constructivism: some issues.

Commentator: Jon Miller (Queens) Lunch

1:30 – 3pm
Session IV
Adam Harmer (Toronto): Corporeal Substances and Composite Unities in Leibniz.

Commentator: Rick Arthur (McMaster)

Session V
3:30 – 5pm
Donald Rutherford (UC San Diego): Monadic Change.

Commentator: Stephan Schmid, (Humboldt)

Marleen Rozemond (Toronto): Concluding remarks.


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ATWAP 2013

by Rachel Barney .

Fifth Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy 2013

Friday March 15

3:15 – 5:00
Robbie Howton (University of Toronto): “Aristotle on the Epistemic Role of Perception”
Commentator: Thomas Tuozzo (University of Kansas)

5:30 – 7:15
Marc Gasser (Harvard University): “On Induction in Posterior Analytics II.19″
Commentator: Ben Morison (Princeton University)

Saturday March 16

9:15 – 11:00
Catherine Rowett (University of East Anglia): “Doxa in Theaetetus 184A-187”
Commentator: Willie Costello (University of Toronto)

11:15 – 1:00
Ian McCready-Flora (Columbia University): “Aristotle on Pistis”
Commentator: Rachel Parsons (Princeton University)

1:00 – 3:00 lunch for participants

3:00 – 4:45
Clifford Roberts (Cornell University): “Sextus on Skeptical Phantasia”
Commentator: Sara Magrin (Université du Québec à Montréal)

5:15 – 7:00
G. Fay Edwards (Washington University, St. Louis): “The Puzzle of Porphyry’s Rational Animals”
Commentator: Gisela Striker (Harvard University)

Sunday March 17

10:00 – 11:45
Marta Jimenez (Emory University): “Two Kinds of Practical Empiricism in Aristotle’s Ethics”
Commentator: Jacob Stump (University of Toronto)

1:15 – 3:00
Karel Thein (Charles University, Prague): “Aristotle on Intellect and the Experience of Thinking”
Commentator: David Bronstein (Georgetown University)

All sessions take place in room 418 of the Jackman Humanities Building (Department of Philosophy).
Since the space is limited, registration is required: Please email to Jennifer Whiting.