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Instituted in 1992, the Collaborative Program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy is an interdepartmental program of doctoral study at the University of Toronto, jointly administered by the Department of Philosophy, the Centre for Medieval Studies, and the Department of Classics. A student in the Collaborative Program is registered in one of these academic units, but may draw upon the resources of any unit. The University of Toronto has a long tradition of excellence in the study of ancient and medieval philosophy, and the Program trains students to carry on the tradition.

Latest News

CPAMP at the Second Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy

CPAMP is putting in a strong presence at the upcoming second Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy (University of British Columbia, May 2-4, 2014). Lloyd Gerson, Juan Pablo Bermúdez Rey, Nathan Gilbert are either presenting or commentating. Among the other speakers are CPAMP alumni Margaret Cameron and Monte Johnson. See here for a complete program of the event.

Another New Publication: Plotinus, Ennead V.5

Congratulations to our colleague Lloyd Gerson who just published a new translation of Plotinus' Ennead V.5. Here's an excerpt from the book cover: "Platonists beginning in the Old Academy itself and up to and including Plotinus struggled to understand and articulate the relation between Plato's Demiurge and the Living Animal which served as the model for creation. The central question is whether “contents” of the Living Animal, the Forms, are internal to the mind of the Demiurge or external and independent. For Plotinus, the solution depends heavily on how the Intellect that is the Demiurge and the Forms or intelligibles are to be understood in relation to the first principle of all, the One or the Good. The treatise V.5 [32] sets out the case for the internality of Forms and argues for the necessary existence of an absolutely simple and transcendent first principle of all, the One or the Good. Not only Intellect and the Forms, but everything else depends on this principle for their being."

Upcoming Events

We wish everyone a pleasant summer break

CPAMP will start the new year with a talk by John Dillon on September 16. 

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