2017-18 Proseminar Schedule


All Proseminar meetings are Monday 4:00-6:00 PM

Fall term: Lillian Massey, Room 301

Spring term: Lillian Massey, Room 205


Fall Term
Latin Reading Group: Siger de Brabant, De aeternitate mundi (contact Peter King: peter.king@utoronto.ca)


Sept. 11: Start of Year Work-in-Progress Presentation: Rachel Barney, ‘Becoming Bad’

Start-of-Year Reception 6:00-7:30, Classics Department Lounge

Sept. 18: Latin Reading Group

Sept. 22-23: The University of Toronto Colloquium in Mediaeval Philosophy 2017

Sept. 25: Latin Reading Group

Oct. 2: Latin Reading Group

Oct. 9: Thanksgiving

week of Oct. 10: Peter Adamson visit: talks Oct. 10, 11, 12 all at 4:00pm (details to follow)!

Oct. 16: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Christopher Gill (University of Exeter)

note: Prof. Gill is in Toronto for this event the preceding weekend:


Oct. 23: Latin Reading Group

Oct. 30: Latin Reading Group

Nov. 6: Fall Break

Nov. 13: Latin Reading Group

Nov. 20: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Doug Hutchinson

Nov. 27: Latin Reading Group

Dec. 4: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Sean Kelsey (Notre Dame University)


Winter Term
Greek Reading Group: Aristotle, Metaphysics A (contact Rachel Barney: rachel.barney@utoronto.ca)


Jan. 8: Greek Reading Group

Jan. 15: Greek Reading Group

Jan. 22: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Celia Byrne

Jan. 29: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Devin Henry (Western University)

Feb. 5: Greek Reading Group

Feb. 12: Greek Reading Group

– Reading Week –

Feb. 26: Greek Reading Group

March 5: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Tad Brennan (Cornell University)

March 12: Greek Reading Group

March 19: Greek Reading Group

March 26: Work-in-Progress Presentation: Rachel MacKinnon

March 30-31: Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy: New Approaches to the Presocratics

April 2: Greek Reading Group