Welcome to the website of the Collaborative Program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Instituted in 1992, the Collaborative Program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy is an interdepartmental program of doctoral study at the University of Toronto, jointly administered by the Department of Philosophy, the Centre for Medieval Studies, and the Department of Classics. A student in the Collaborative Program is registered in one of these academic units, but may draw upon the resources of any unit. The University of Toronto has a long tradition of excellence in the study of ancient and medieval philosophy, and the Program trains students to carry on the tradition.

Latest News

  • Charles Brittain to join CPAMP faculty
  • We are delighted to announce that Professor Charles Brittain will be joining CPAMP and the Department of Classics as Jackman Professor in the Humanities. He will begin teaching in the Programme in Winter term of 2017-18. Prof. Brittain is currently Professor of Classics and the Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy and Humane Letters at Cornell University, where he has also been Chair of the Classics Department. He is a leading expert on ancient philosophy and has published extensively on ancient scepticism, Hellenistic philosophy, and the Platonic tradition. He is author of Philo of Larissa: Last of the Academic Skeptics (Oxford, 2001) and Cicero: On Academic Skepticism (Hackett, 2006), as well as numerous articles, and (as co-author with Tad Brennan) the first English translation of Simplicius' Commentary on the Encheiridion (Cornell University Press, 2002). His current research focusses on Augustine and on early Greek literary criticism. While the Jackman Chair is held entirely in the Classics Department, Prof. Brittain will also have a cross-appointment in the Philosophy Department and be a full participant in CPAMP's interdisciplinary activities.
  • Congratulations to Nathan Gilbert
  • Congratulations to recent CPAMP graduate Nathan Gilbert, who will be a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Durham, U.K., starting in fall 2016! Nathan received his PhD from the Classics Department in 2015, for his dissertation, "Among Friends: Cicero and the Epicureans".
  • Congratulations to Willie Costello
  • Willie Costello, a recent CPAMP graduate,  has been appointed a Mellon Postoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, a three-year position starting September 2015. Willie completed his PhD in the Philosophy Department in April, with his thesis “From causes to Forms: the Phaedo and the foundations of Platonic metaphysics”.