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Instituted in 1992, the Collaborative Program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy is an interdepartmental program of doctoral study at the University of Toronto, jointly administered by the Department of Philosophy, the Centre for Medieval Studies, and the Department of Classics. A student in the Collaborative Program is registered in one of these academic units, but may draw upon the resources of any unit. The University of Toronto has a long tradition of excellence in the study of ancient and medieval philosophy, and the Program trains students to carry on the tradition.

Latest News

Conference at Cambridge on Abelard's Logic

Peter King and Christopher Martin (University of Auckland, NZ), who recently spent a year at the University of Toronto as PIMS/CMS Distinguished Visiting Scholar, are organizing a conference on the later logical writings of the 12th-century philosopher Peter Abelard, concentrating on the Logica nostrorum petitioni sociorum and the Glossae secundum vocales. The conference takes place at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK from February 13 to 16, 2015. The programme includes presentations by Peter King, Christopher Martin, John Marenbon, Onno Knepkens, Klaus Jacobi, Sten Ebbesen, Catarina Tarlazzi, and Riccardo Strobini. Funding for this conference has been provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Collaborative Programme in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at the University of Toronto, Trinity College in Cambridge University, and a research grant from the University of Auckland.

Congratulations to Matthew and Michael Siebert!

Congratulations to Matthew and Michael Siebert! Both successfully defended their doctoral dissertations at the end of July. Matthew's dissertation is entitled "Knowing and Trusting: the Medieval Social Epistemologies of Augustine and Aquinas". Michael's thesis is devoted to "Platonic Recollection and Illumination in Augustine's Early Writings". Well done! Matthew is now a postdoc at the University of Saint Louis. 

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